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Great design stands out by matching and enhancing its content. Its purpose is to make content both more desirable and easier to interact with beyond just what is necessary for presenting information in a professional manner. Outstanding designs reflect their content in style and organization, visually conveying a purpose and/or brand image before the user begins reading the text. Great design can further facilitate interaction by presenting information in digestible portions, keeping only the most relevant navigation options visible at all times, and providing subtle feedback to user interaction. To this end, this site explores techniques and visual styles for creating compelling, streamlined web design.

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Activity of all sorts – especially exploring and observing the world – is a great way to get creative inspiration. Whenever I stop to take photos, the process of framing images pushes me to look closely and observe ordinary scenes and objects from new perspectives. One theme I return to often is macro photographs which capture patterns and textures which I would not ordinarily look close enough to appreciate. Often, the goal of photography is not to attempt to capture a scene as the eye sees it, but instead to frame some detail or perspective that evokes a particular feeling in the viewer, communicating how the photographer saw the subject. These are the sort of images I attempt to create: photographs which communicate my perspective on and interest in what I observe.